It is O’Connor Marketing’s mission to provide the very best outsourced sales and marketing solutions to the telecom, energy and non-profit industries. With years of experience within the industry, both in Australia and overseas, we tell it like it is, and offer pragmatic advice across domestic and global markets. Our services include the development and implementation of strategic business plans, so we can deliver a measurable benefit to our clients.



Need help with that new promotional marketing plan? A fresh eye and a team of experts with lots of industry experience will really get the project moving. Contact O’Connor Marketing for a creative and professional approach to help give your marketing plan a new direction.



So, you have the marketing plan but need to plan your budget and marketing activity. We understand just how limited marketing budgets can be, which is why, here at O’Connor Marketing we use our vast experience and market intelligence to creating the most efficient and innovative way to reach your target customers- no matter how little you may have in the kitty.



We all understand that market segmentation is the only way to really get the most out of a small budget. But how do you work with your stakeholders to identify those elusive prime potential customers? Work alongside O’Connor Marketing to get great results quickly.



Communication is a tool that an alarming number of brands are failing to utilise. As pioneers of face to face marketing, our communication strategies focus on the development of brand awareness and are built to encourage greater brand engagement. If you’re unsure how improved communication strategies could give your brand a boost, we can provide helpful advice on the most efficient use of resources in specific markets.

"Every campaign we deliver, we tailor fit to suit to your needs to ensure you get maximum results. We will develop a unique campaign designed specifically for your target audience. O'Connor Marketing strives to go beyond both your and your customers' expectations.."

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