O’Connor Marketing’s CEO Reveals the Mistakes Entrepreneurs Need to Avoid

O’Connor Marketing’s CEO Reveals the Mistakes Entrepreneurs Need to Avoid

CEO of O’Connor Marketing, Ronan O’Connor has called upon his years of entrepreneurial experience to reveal an exclusive list of the mistakes entrepreneurs must avoid making.

As an ambitious entrepreneur, O’Connor Marketing’s Ronan O’Connor is aware of the everyday challenges of business. His drive and desire to succeed saw Mr O’Connor participate in a wide range of competitive sports such as table tennis, cross country running and Gaelic Football, where he played for Ireland’s most successful team, Kerry.

Mr O’Connor was keen to channel competitive nature into the world of business and gained extensive experience in the financial, engineering and property sectors. After the recession hit Ireland’s property market, O’Connor decided that it was time to take control of his career growth and entered the sales and marketing sector. He now owns the successful, Sydney-based firm O’Connor Marketing and is determined to share his entrepreneurial wisdom with the next generation of aspiring business owners.

Ronan’s varied and substantial experience has allowed him to support emerging entrepreneurial talent and he regularly spends time training and mentoring new sales consultants. He says “I love spending time teaching and developing aspiring entrepreneurs to help them perform at their best and assist them to achieve their personal and professional goals. Together everybody achieves more, so I believe the more I can help people who work with me the better we do as a company.”

Mr O’Connor would now like to help entrepreneurs identify key mistakes and equip them with the necessary tools to avoid them and outlined the some of the common misconceptions that young entrepreneurs have.

Forgetting about company culture – Good company culture is at the centre of any successful business. If a company gets this right, they succeed in being able to keep their workforce motivated and loyal and more likely to want to work together to solve challenges.

Not talking to customers – By opening the lines of communication with customers, businesses can gain valuable insight into what motivates them to buy a product or service and what keeps them coming back. “To obtain a premium place in the market, entrepreneurs must have a solid understanding of their customer base and learn how to cater to their needs” states Ronan.

Superman Syndrome – Many business owners are often tempted to try and do everything on their own to reduce costs. However, Mr O’Connor believes that it’s more important to build a reliable workforce who can take on extra responsibility, which then frees up time to for the business owner to focus on developing the growth of their company.

Lack of planning – Although it is important to have a flexible approach and adapt to the ever-changing demands of the sales and marketing sector, Ronan believes in the importance of creating a solid plan that consists of clear and realistic goals and timelines and involves each member of the workforce.

Based in Sydney, O’Connor Marketing is a sales and marketing firm that specialise in customer acquisitions through event marketing, promotional, and business-to-business campaigns. They provide their clients with a professional and personalised service that aims to be as unique as they are.


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