O'Connor Marketing's Business Model Ensures they are Meeting the Needs of the Current Workforce

O’Connor Marketing’s Business Model Ensures they are Meeting the Needs of the Current Workforce

After research by SEEK outlined the changing needs of Australians in the workplace, O’Connor Marketing released a statement on how it is responding to the needs of workers and creating a culture of support. 

Consistent learning and career progression along with opportunities to travel are some of the changing needs of the current workforce states O’Connor Marketing. Independent research commissioned by SEEK, surveying 5775 Australians ages 18 and over, reported many differences between the Baby Boomer and Millennial generations, indicating changing needs in the workplace. The research showed that younger generations chase professional development opportunities with 47% of respondents saying promotion opportunities were essential when considering taking on a new role.  Time to travel is also necessary for millennials as they are more likely to buy annual leave or take unpaid leave, the report said. 

Millennials have a high level of ambition, a desire to keep learning and the drive to progress fast. If the needs of a millennial are not met or not fulfilled soon enough, then they will look for opportunities elsewhere.  

O’Connor Marketing has a business model that enables the firm to adapt and respond to the changing needs of the workforce.  The firm’s business development opportunities provide millennials with the progression that they crave, and business travel opportunities fulfil the desires to travel. O’Connor Marketing ensures that they look after their millennial workforce by providing constant feedback and regular encouragement in addition to recognizing individuals for their efforts and results.   

O’Connor Marketing is experts at in-person marketing and improves the customer buying experience by forging strong and personalised relationships between brand and customer. These marketing services are provided to national and international brands looking to expand their market reach, get a more significant customer base, and generate a higher number of quality sales.  The firm’s business model is meeting the changing needs of the workplace, and they pride themselves on their millennial workforce and the ability to retain them.   


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