O'Connor Marketing - The sky's the limit

O’Connor Marketing: The Sky’s the Limit!

Across the globe, people are beginning to consider what it is they want to achieve in 2017, but are they aiming high enough? O’Connor Marketing Has shared why it’s important to develop a sky’s the limit mindset.

O’Connor Marketing, a leading force in sales and marketing in Australia believe that when it comes to setting goals, there is nothing to be gained in aiming low. The firm is confident when it comes to achieving goals, people need to have enough power and purpose to push them forward and inspire action. However, when a person has aimed too low when setting a goal, they often lack the inspiration to follow the goal through to the end – there simply isn’t enough drive to keep them focused and on track towards success. Should a person reach their goal, by setting the bar too low they risk feeling downhearted by the results, which could impact their confidence and motivation for the future.

O’Connor Marketing believes that the reason people aim too low when setting goals is because they are scared of failure. However, the firm is sure that there is far more to be gained by aiming high and missing than aiming low and hitting. ‘Even if a person misses, they’ll still be in a better position than if they aimed low as they would have gained experience for the future. Experience can’t be taught; therefore it’s imperative to professional advancement that people aim high and take risks’ stated a spokesperson from O’Connor Marketing. The firm believes that for anyone looking to make a long-lasting impact on the business world, aiming high is the best way to build character and skill.

To aim higher when setting goals, O’Connor Marketing believes professionals need to create a ‘sky’s the limit’ mind-set and change their attitude towards goal setting. Here, the firm has shared their guide to of the four things people need to do to aim higher.

Think of what you have now

The best way to create and sustain a ‘Sky’s the limit’ mindset is for people to consider where they are now, and what they think would improve their lives and bring greater happiness.

Own it

This means taking responsibility. People need to own their current situation and face up to the fact that where they are is 100% down to their own actions.

Use it

People should then use this realisation as fuel to make significant changes. Reaching bigger goals requires bigger thinking, meaning that success is dependent on a person’s ability to argue with the negative thoughts in their head and use them to drive their progress.

Forget the word ‘Problem’

When a person stops using the word problem, everything they encounter, including obstacles become opportunities. This process helps people to see the good in every situation they find themselves in.

O’Connor Marketing helps young professionals in the sales and marketing industry to aim higher every day, by sharing inspiring stories and offering the support and motivation needed to succeed. The firm also hold a range of skill workshops – to help professionals to increase their skill sets and gain the confidence needed to aim for the sky when setting new goals.

O’Connor Marketing is a B2B and event marketing agency with their eyes firmly on the future. Launched in early 2014, the firm’s driven and agile marketing force of consultants are unstoppable and have a ‘can-do attitude’ that generates impressive results in sales and customer acquisition.