O’Connor Marketing Reveal Why it is Proud to be a Millennial Workplace

Sales and marketing firm O’Connor Marketing has long disputed the negative millennial stereotype and recently spoke out on why they are proud to have a predominantly young workforce and how this has been integral to company success.  

O’Connor Marketing provides their services to national and international brands to help them expand their market reach, get a more significant customer base, and generate a higher number of quality sales.  As experts at in-person marketing, the firm improve the customer buying experience by forging strong and personalised relationships between brand and customer.  Due to the firms training and mentoring opportunities, together with their focus on attitude and student mentality, over experience and qualifications, the firm appeals to ambitious millennials.  

By 2025, millennials will make up 75% of Australia’s workforce; a recent survey of CFOs revealed that companies are already adapting company hiring strategies to meet with this change in generation making up the bulk of the working sector. Within the study, it also highlighted that 60% of CFOs in Australia believe that the top quality that millennials bring to the table is an increased emphasis on collaboration and transparency.  Flexibility (44%), a greater focus on teamwork and problem solving (43%) and more mentoring programs (38%) are also essential workplace qualities that millennials contribute.  Due to being a generation that has grown up with accessible technology, millennials can easily help companies transform into more agile enterprises that are more responsive to change.  

The report shows that millennials are driving progress and growth for companies in Australia, states O’Connor Marketing.  The firm goes on to suggest that businesses must adapt their processes to accommodate the top qualities that millennials bring with them. O’Connor Marketing has a business model that enables the firm to respond to the changing demographics of the workforce; for example, teamwork and collaboration are happening regularly, and the company has its successful mentoring program to help individual progress and achieve their career goals.  The firm is open to learning even more from millennials and incorporating the many skills that they can bring to the business world.