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O’Connor Marketing reveal scaling do’s and don’ts

Sydney-based outsourced sales and marketing firm, O’Connor Marketing, reveal the essential do’s and don’ts when planning for business growth.

O’Connor Marketing specialises in event marketing, promotional and B2B campaigns. Based in Sydney, the firm provide the very best outsourced sales and marketing solutions to the telecom, energy and non-profit industries. The firm has years of experience within the sales and marketing industry in both Australia and overseas. 2015 saw the firm invest in the future of 3 budding entrepreneurs by assisting them to achieve their long-term career goals of opening their businesses, and 2016 has seen massive growth with the launch of a new campaign across two new cities.

O’Connor Marketing continuously identifies areas to expand and grow the company; they believe that rapid scaling for startups is essential for long-term business success. If a company isn’t always looking to expand, they run the risk of competitors taking away part of the market share. A company that is always seen to be moving forward also establishes an excellent reputation amongst clients and customers, with a positive knock-on effect of attracting, even more, business.

When looking to get bigger, O’Connor Marketing stresses the importance of an effective growth plan. A business growth plan will mean that a company can monitor whether business objectives are being achieved and can be used as a tool to identify where the business currently is and in which direction is can go. An effective plan will ensure that key targets are met.

There are different strategies that companies use for growth and some critical do’s and don’ts. O’Connor Marketing expands on the notable things to do and things to avoid when growing a business.

  1. Limit team numbers – there is evidence to show that as a team gets closer to ten people, more time is spent on coordination chores and less time on actual work. It is important to eliminate the complexity that is found in larger groups.
  2. Set the right mindset for the right phase of development – to scale success correctly; it is important to know when to slow down so that faster growth can happen at a later stage.
  3. Be accountable – make sure people feel responsible for the success of the startup’s growth. It is crucial to identifying excellent performance and attitudes so they can spread throughout the organization.
  4. Remove the bad so the good can survive – one poor performer can lower the effectiveness of a team by 30-40%. It is important to remove the negatives so that excellence can thrive.

Based in Sydney, O’Connor Marketing is an outsourced sales and marketing firm. They specialise in a unique form of direct marketing by connecting with customers directly via face-to-face marketing techniques. This ensures that long-lasting, personal business relationships and created between brand and consumer.


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