O’Connor Marketing Respond to claims that University Makes People Avoid Risk

O’Connor Marketing Respond to claims that University Makes People Avoid Risk

After reading an interview on SmartCompany.com.au Sydney-based sales and marketing firm O’Connor Marketing have offered their thoughts on the claim that a University education teaches people to become adverse to risk.

During an interview with one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, Derek Kerr, he claimed that his only regret in his successful business venture is not starting his business sooner instead of going to University. Although sales and marketing firm, O’Connor Marketing are not concerned with whether or not recruits are degree educated or not, Derek Kerr states that “At Uni, you learn to analyse risks and in this business, you just have to have a punt sometimes; University teaches you to be risk-averse.”

O’Connor Marketing agrees that University can cause some setbacks for those looking to get into business, such as taking time away from gaining the ever so valuable real-world experience and teaching a methodical and structured way of doing things. Setbacks such as these are not necessarily fatal setbacks which will stop any budding entrepreneur, in fact, O’Connor Marketing’s Managing Director, Ronan O’Connor, believes that these are not obstacles, and a University education can provide several benefits to budding entrepreneurs.

Studying at a University level will provide benefits, the most common of these are; offering young people their first taste of independence, helping them to throw themselves into a situation which they are entirely new to and could be slightly out of their depth. The experience can also provide an immense learning curve teaching students invaluable skills such as time-management and inspiring them to try new things and meet new people.

O’Connor Marketing themselves are not concerned about whether or not their job candidates and future recruits have a University degree or not. Managing Director, Ronan O’Connor, explains “We look for three things when hiring. These are creativity, a positive attitude and personality. Providing candidates have these things, their level of qualification is not of concern.” The firm explains how they believe that every individual, regardless of their background, has the potential to succeed as an entrepreneur, all they need is the courage to pursue their dream.

O’Connor Marketing is an Australian-based sales and marketing firm that offer an event marketing service to clients in order to increase levels of customer acquisition. The firm creates creative campaigns to promote their clients and exceed all expectations from both clients and their customers, in turn, this helps to increase the level of brand awareness and brand loyalty.


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