O’Connor Marketing Release Statement on the ‘Entrepreneurial Generation’ 

After learning of new research suggesting young people are more inclined to follow their entrepreneurial dreams, O’Connor Marketing has exclusively spoken on how they are supporting young aspiring entrepreneurs. 

O’Connor Marketing, are a face-to-face marketing firm based in Sydney. The company boasts a community of talented and enthusiastic professionals that are considered to be the greatest asset to the company and allow them to reach out and connect brands to a broader audience. To get the most out of their workforce, O’Connor Marketing is committed to supporting the skills development and business understanding of aspiring entrepreneurs in their industry. They do so by offering one-on-one mentoring, providing progression opportunities as well as regular chances to network with fellow industry professionals and business owners during regular networking events.  

Since the meteoric rise of young entrepreneurs such as Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Andrew Mason (Groupon), there has been an increase in the number of businesses started by people under 35, which has more than doubled since 2006. It is understood that around 15 percent of college undergraduates plan to start their own startups after graduation. With developments in technology and attitudinal shifts, Millenials have been gifted greater freedoms than any generation before. However, it is actually providing the younger generation with a greater desire to achieve. 45 percent of graduate entrepreneurs chose to found their own companies out of a greater desire to bet ahead of the career curve and be their own bosses, and millennials want to take charge of their destinies after all only 34 percent of graduates end up working in their careers of choice.  

O’Connor Marketing feels its incredibly important to support the progression of entrepreneurs. The younger generations need to be mentored and moulded into future leaders and successful young entrepreneurs. The firm is unrivalled in their dedication to the personal growth and motivation of their young professionals. It is essential that companies offer business development opportunity to budding entrepreneurs looking for a long and fruitful career in the sales and marketing industry.  

O’Connor marketing offers unwavering support, motivation, and mentorship to these ambitious young professionals. The support provided has been carefully designed to help fast-track the success of individuals involved, providing them with the tools to become their own boss and take control of their futures.