O'Connor Marketing publish the how to guide for improving likability

O’Connor Marketing publish the how to guide for improving likability

As a business that deals with customers face to face, likability is one of the most important factors for O’Connor Marketing and their brand ambassadors.

As a reputable sales and marketing firm, O’Connor Marketing is aware of the importance of making and maintaining a positive first impression.  The company encourages their staff and contractors to become confident in their ability to offer a positive 4D experience for their client’s customers.  Studies have shown that an opinion on a person is made within the first 5 seconds, so it is crucial to success to nail it the first time.

O’Connor Marketing publishes their how to guide for improving likeability:

The Flooding Smile – take a second to check over a person’s face and then offer a flooding smile to offer a genuine impression of pleasure in seeing them.  Getting off on the right foot is crucial in making a good first impression.

Sticky Eyes – Use eyes to communicate interest and desire to absorb the conversation.  If eye contact needs to be broken, make it apparent that it is done reluctantly.

Epoxy Eyes – Be exclusive in eye contact with the person whose response you are most interested in.  This communicates that their words and opinion are valued on the subject.

The Big-Baby Pivot – By rotating the body in the direction of the individual, it offers the notion that full undivided attention is provided.  It is uncommon to offer this level of interest to anyone other than a baby, however, is an excellent way to demonstrate interest.

Limit the Fidget – Constant fidgeting, touching, or scratching are all nonverbal signals of disinterest.  Create a calm exterior that offers credibility to the connection focusing on the individual talking.

Hang by Your Teeth – good posture exudes confidence, so to boost posture visualise a leather bit hanging from the frame of every door you walk through, pretend to bite it and smile upon entering every room.  Practice until this becomes habitual.

Hello, Old Friend – by approaching everyone as if they are an old friend will allow the body to relax, a smile to be genuine and offer the other person reassurance that intentions are good.

Based in Sydney, O’Connor Marketing is an outsourced sales and marketing specialist that conducts promotional B2B and B2C campaigns for clients from the telecommunications, energy, and charity sectors. The firm is incredibly passionate about what they do, and this is reflected in the quality of the marketing and sales campaigns they create and manage for their clients’ brands. Due to the in-person, face to face approach, they take to marketing; the firm relies heavily on their workforce sharing their passion and enthusiasm for the industry and believes it is this that gives them the edge over other marketing solutions.


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