O’Connor Marketing plans expansion to Melbourne

O’Connor Marketing plans expansion to Melbourne

Sydney’s specialists in promotional B2B and B2C campaigns O’Connor Marketing have revealed they are adding a new office in Melbourne, Victoria.


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The firm has revealed that successful growth has resulted in the firm deciding to green-light expansion plans to the ‘city by the bay’ later in 2018.

O’Connor Marketing has been making a conscious push to empower their contractors to take ownership of their work, and providing a platform for them to grow professionally – all the while giving them a purpose and reason ‘why’.

Adding a new location in Melbourne will allow the firm to extend their reach of customer acquisition services and empowerment simultaneously.

“The firm’s expansion is not growth for the sake of growth. We look at many different options but decided to go with this new location as part of a wider strategy to create personalised interactions between brands and customers which are large in scale, high in quality. We’re looking forward to getting started and leaving the customers of Melbourne better off,” commend Ronan O’Connor.

Ronan O’Connor, a business consultant who works with the firm, believes when growth is rushed or carried out for the sake of simple expansion it is usually the company culture that takes the first hit.

The firm reaffirmed their stance that O’Connor is serious about their goals, not so serious about themselves – and replicating O’Connor’s enjoyable environment would be made a priority in their new location.

The firm carries out offline, face to face interactions with consumers on behalf of their clients’ and their brands.