O’Connor Marketing plan Hamilton Island retreat for top performers.

O’Connor Marketing plan Hamilton Island retreat for top performers.

Sydney’s specialists in promotional B2B and B2C campaigns have revealed details about an upcoming workplace incentive – a trip to the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland.

The trip will provide the qualifying top performers with the possibility to visit Whitehaven beach – widely considered one of the best beaches in the world, only a stone’s throw away from their base on Hamilton Island.

With sophisticated, award-winning restaurants, laid-back cafés and a whole selection of inviting bars, there will also be no shortage of ways to enjoy eating and drinking either.

Appearing somewhat hesitant to respond to claims that an increase in digital and social technology has watered down the ‘excitement’ of day to day life and commuting, the firm instead cite the necessity of ‘changing scenery’ now and again to keep appetites back in the workplace hungrier than ever;

“We’ve witnessed a great appreciation for incentivised business travel and weekend city breaks among our contractors over the last 12 months, and we’re delighted to satisfy this desire. We find people come back to work refreshed, with a new lease of life,” states Ronan O’Connor, a consultant who works with the business.

It seems the firm’s stance is supported by travel agent Flight Centre, who claim that short mental breaks from a regular environment gives people the ‘separation and space to feel more refreshed’ upon their return.

The firm are keen to keep infusing the concepts of work-life balance and travel into their company culture, and they state that December’s trip to Hamilton Island is the latest example of such efforts.

O’Connor Marketing have incorporated a generous and flexible business travel schedule into their work calendars to travel wherever the action is for their clients. The firm carries out offline, face to face interactions with consumers on behalf of their clients and their brands.

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