O’Connor Marketing outline fundamentals of leadership at Melbourne Cup event.

O’Connor Marketing outline fundamentals of leadership at Melbourne Cup event.

On November 6, 2018, Sydney customer experience experts O’Connor Marketing held a seminar and forum on the principles of leadership while attending a rainy annual Melbourne Cup at the Victoria Racing Club.

Business consultant Ronan O’Connor, who works with the firm, gave a speech detailing his take on what it takes to run a successful business in 2018. His central theme concerned the importance of being someone who ‘leads by example’, which he claims sets a tone and vision for others to follow suit.

The firm pride themselves on empowering the O’Connor team to take ownership of their work, and provide a platform for them to grow professionally – all the while giving them a purpose and reason ‘why’. They claim that communicating leadership best practice plays a vital role in this empowerment – and these seminars are among the most popular with their contractors.



Once the seminar and open forum was concluded, O’Connor’s team of 30 individuals spent time enjoying ‘the race that stops a nation’, where roughly 4,000 bets are placed on horses every second – with almost 100,000 Aussies in attendance.

Attending events like the Melbourne Cup helps O’Connor Marketing strike a healthy balance in their company culture. The mantra of being ‘serious about our goals – not so serious about ourselves’ is one that has been received well so far.

To ensure it can achieve longevity in this area, the firm will spend next week planning their next excursion and upcoming team nights back in Sydney.

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