O'Connor Marketing ‘New Experiences Lead to New Successes.'

O’Connor Marketing ‘New Experiences Lead to New Successes.’

In a statement last week, O’Connor Marketing outlined how they are confident that new experiences can drive success in all areas of life, and revealed what they have been doing to feed the curiosity of their workforce.  

O’Connor Marketing is a company that goes above and beyond the expectations of their client’s and as a result, the expectations of their client’s customers. The marketing firm believes that in-person communication is the best way to generate high-quality sales because it means customers get an informative and personalised service, which improve the buying experience and as a result leads to the completion of more sales. O’Connor Marketing has a client base of national and international brands and works with both to help them get a wider share of the current market in their industry.

Research conducted by The Dale Carnegie Foundation inferred that communication skills control 85% of a person’s social and financial success in life. As a firm that relies on in-person connections as the focal point of their business strategy, O’Connor Marketing take every opportunity to develop the communication skills of their workforce; not only to improve their sales skills but to also aid with personal development. As a part of this evolution of communication skills, O’Connor Marketing enjoys creating fun events and opportunities for their workforce to try new experiences, as they believe this help to develop the necessary communication skills that drive success for both the firm and the individual.

Some of the recent activities hosted by O’Connor Marketing include a helicopter ride over Sydney, Wild Ropes Course at Taronga Zoo, corporate day out at Dreamworld Theme Park and a game of bubble soccer at the Sydney Opera House.

‘The training and development of our workforce are paramount to the success of our company and our client’s businesses said a spokesperson for O’Connor Marketing. ‘We believe that this development happens both inside and outside of the office, which is why we continue to organise exciting activities and experiences that most individuals haven’t had the chance to try’ added the spokesperson.

The firm is now urging other companies to get out the office and try new things and since they believe this is the secret to success.


Source: http://www.lifeoptimizer.org/2011/12/22/trying-new-experiences-can-make-you-successful/