O’Connor Marketing: How to Motivate Individuals to Improve Productivity

Sales and marketing firm, O’Connor Marketing operate in two major Australian cities: Sydney and Brisbane. As the Managing Director works between two cities, he has come up with some top tips for keeping the workforce motivated, engaged and productive even when he is away.

To most business and organisations, people are the most important asset.  Unlike sales numbers and profit margins, morale within the workforce is difficult to measure.   An unhappy workforce is more likely to be unproductive so the mental wellbeing, motivation and happiness of workers are crucial to the long term and future success of a business.  Creatives, decision makers and visionaries are essential to each company but equally as important is the workforce that is present day to day from the ground up.

Effective management and leadership of a workforce allow a business to capitalise on the strengths of other workers and their ability to contribute to the accomplishment of work goals.  Managing Director of O’Connor Marketing, Ronan O’Connor outlines his three top tips for keeping a workforce motivated and engaged.

  1. Praise good work and offer feedback

‘Here at O’Connor Marketing, when someone does a good job, they are congratulated in front of everyone’ said Managing Director, Ronan O’Connor. Regular feedback and encouragement makes people feel positive and this positivity will be re-invested back into the business. ‘It is important to be genuine, so find something that has impressed you and let them know that they are doing it well’ added MD Ronan O’Connor.

  1. Lead by Example

A productive team needs a productive leader. The Managing Director must embody the company’s brand and be true to its ethics. However equally important is that workers see the MD putting in as much energy as them – if not more. ‘A good leader needs to lead by example, by role-modeling the behaviours that are expected of staff. Be excited by new challenges, show real enthusiasm for projects and demonstrate your love of the job. Positivity breeds positivity’ explained MD Ronan O’Connor.

  1. Reward strong performance

If a worker performs well, they need to be rewarded. This can be in terms of extrinsic rewards – such as a financial bonus – or intrinsic – through simple gratitude and recognition for a job well done.

O’Connor Marketing is a B2B and event marketing agency launched in early 2014. The firm’s compact, driven and agile marketing force of consultants are unstoppable and everyone at O’Connor Marketing holds a ‘can-do attitude’. At O’Connor Marketing, the firm believe that people are the greatest asset to a business and the firm’s number one advantage. The firm will open further locations in 2014 in Melbourne.