O’Connor Marketing Release Statement on their Incredible Growth

O’Connor Marketing Release Statement on their Incredible Growth

The last few months has been an incredible time for the sales and marketing firm O’Connor Marketing. The organisation has experienced a spectacular increase in growth. Following the news of their exciting development, the company has announced their plans for future expansion.

O’Connor Marketing is a Sydney based company that specialises in B2B and B2C sales, promotional marketing and customer acquisitions. They work closely with their clients to help them increase their market reach and sales and a them a service that is unique to traditional, non-personalised marketing strategies. O’Connor form their marketing and promotion services to their clients on three principles – innovative thinking, unbeatable attention to detail and motivated sales teams trained to the highest standard.

Their clients have highly valued Their experimental approach to business, and now due to increasing demand, the firm have announced plans to expand their services to Parramatta in the Western suburb of Sydney.

This news marks a significant milestone for the startup, who will now be using this expansion to reach wider markets for their existing clients and also forge relationships with new businesses in the Parramatta area.

Earlier this week, O’Connor Marketing travelled to Parramatta to launch the expansion and begin their search for new candidates to work with them as they embark on the new venture in the region. O’Connor Marketing’s Managing Director Ronan O’Connor says “It’s incredibly exciting to be taking our services further, and I’m really impressed with the sheer talent and ambition displayed by the young professionals we met at the weekend. I’m now more confident than ever that this is going to be a great move for the company and will pave the way for further expansion across Australia.”

O’Connor Marketing is determined to increase their high levels of growth and are looking for new candidates to join their growing team in Parramatta. They are particularly interested in ambitious individuals who are interested in learning new skills and building a prosperous future in sales and marketing.