O’Connor Marketing Urge Graduates to Look Beyond What’s on Paper

O’Connor Marketing:Graduates, Look Beyond What’s on Paper

As a company that values entrepreneurial character traits over experience and qualifications, O’Connor Marketing is urging graduates to look beyond what’s on their resume when showcasing their potential to businesses.  

O’Connor Marketing is the Sydney based marketing firm that specialises in promotional B2B and B2C campaigns and is taking the city by storm. The company has a firm belief that experience and qualifications are not an accurate mark of real-world business talent. O’Connor Marketing state that they look for ambition, curiosity and desire to learn over traditional qualities many firms expect.

The company has recently been investigating the graduate job market, believing that it is more crucial than ever before for graduates to look beyond their qualifications. The firm is encouraging recent graduates to showcase what they think makes them truly unique in the highly competitive job market, encouraging them to evaluate their beneficial assets that make them the perfect candidate.

The firm understands that fresh graduates offer a multitude of skills and qualities that many other businesses do not yet recognise; ranging from innovation, boasting student mentalities and practical and technical life skills. O’Connor Marketing has been sparked by a variety of articles on the subject and is hopeful young professionals will take this opportunity to develop their resume and perfect their interview skills.

O’Connor Marketing offers unique opportunities to graduates and individuals that can showcase a sense of commitment and unique talents that will shine through within the sales and marketing industry. The firm promises to only ever promote from within, providing an excellent scope for professionals development. The business hosts a creative and ambitious orientated environment that welcomes motivated individuals. The firm also offers training internally that encourages personal goals and targets with mentoring throughout employment.

O’Connor Marketing is keen to embrace young professionals from all backgrounds, as they believe these show to most significant levels of commitment. The firm is hopeful that other sales and marketing firms will follow their lead and become more inclusive within their hiring process in the future.


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