O’Connor Marketing Expands to West Sydney

Due to Significant growth, Leading sales and b2b marketing experts O’Connor Marketing will be taking their services to the Western Suburbs.  Here the firm shares what this will mean for their future and their clients.  

O’Connor Marketing is an innovative direct marketing firm that helps brands throughout Australia reconnect with their audiences through personalised face-to-face interactions. The company does this be ensuring each campaign they work on is tailored to their clients’ needs so that they accurately reflects their brand values and engages with their target audience by forming meaningful connections.

Over the past ten years, an increasing number of brands have been shifting from in-person sales and marketing techniques to automated, digital means. While this has allowed brands the opportunity to serve a greater volume of consumers it has also led to a significant drop in the quality of service these customers receive. As a result, few consumers feel a strong emotional connection with brands and brand loyalty has weakened across the board.

O’Connor Marketing has been working to rectify this with their in-person sales and marketing solutions and have been helping brands to form better relationships with their target consumers. As more brands begin to recognise the importance of offering such an immersive and engaging customer experience O’Connor Marketing has seen the demand for their services skyrocket and have been working on campaigns for a broad range of industries over the last two years. This demand has been the driving force behind the firm’s most recent development – with the company exclusively revealing that they are due to expand their services to West Sydney.

O’Connor Marketing announced that due to client demand the firm would be expanding into the western suburbs of Parramatta in January 2017. For the company’s existing clients this move will bring with it significant benefits, such as a wider market reach and the opportunity to take their products and services to entirely new demographics. The move will also offer O’Connor Marketing the exciting opportunity to work with new businesses in the area and holds the potential for the firm to launch brand new campaigns for a variety of different sectors.

To ensure the expansion is a success, O’Connor Marketing has announced that they will require additional sales and marketing contractors to work in this new location. As such, the firm is keen to hear from ambitious and enthusiastic people and an interest in sales, marketing and leadership. Due to the potential for progression and development, the firm has shared that previous experience is not a requirement, and that they will be offering the opportunity to those with a desire to get their foot in the door of a fast growing industry.