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O’Connor Marketing: Entrepreneurship Should be Used to Engage With Young People

Following a report by ABC News, which shared how disengaged school students are finding new paths to learning, sales and marketing firm O’Connor Marketing is keen to voice how entrepreneurship could offer opportunities to young people who may be struggling in traditional academia.  

While studying the ABC report, O’Connor Marketing found that 40 percent of Australian high school children felt disengaged with the classroom learning process. The firm believes that this is because there is too much focus on academic excellence and exam results in schools.

The company feels that this is causing the students who learn best through the hands-on experience and those who struggle academically to become disengaged and lose hope in their potential.  This then results in a high percentage of young people feeling dejected and demotivated about their prospects.

In an attempt to combat this troubling statistic, The Big Picture initiative is making huge steps to counteract this issue and aims to reinvigorate the learning process for disengaged students who would otherwise drop out. The Big Picture focuses on personalised learning programmes that highlight the key interests of the students and removes the traditional test score by replacing it with research portfolios.

O’Connor Marketing believes that reinventing the learning process for young people could help students become more engaged with education and feel that entrepreneurial education could specifically help students who struggle with traditional learning methods. The firm recently stated that entrepreneurial education offers real-world application and problem solving and gives individuals the opportunity to nurture their creative side and develop their business acumen.

O’Connor Marketing went on to explain that the skills learnt through entrepreneurship can help in other areas of academia. For example, problem-solving, budget management and pitching ideas can help with mathematics, English and communication.

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Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-03-30/big-picture-pathways-to-learning/8400426