O’Connor Marketing Discuss How Participating in Sport Can Influence Business Success

O’Connor Marketing Discuss How Participating in Sport Can Influence Business Success

Sales and Marketing firm O’Connor Marketing believes that within their industry, people with sporting backgrounds have the potential for huge success. Here the company has openly discussed how even a short stint playing sport can help professionals go further in business. 

The Sydney-based consultants have revealed how they consider sportsmanship to play an integral role in an individual’s potential for professional success. Rather than dismissing sport as merely just a hobby or pastime, the firm believes the sporting world teaches participants a range of key skills which can be easily transferred and used to achieve great success in a professional capacity.

As a sales company, O’Connor Marketing believes their industry is the ideal working environment for athletes due to the core values instilled throughout their sporting backgrounds. The firm has witnessed first-hand the productive benefits of individuals who are competitive, have experience working as part of a team and understanding the importance of hard work.

Hoping to attract professionals with this mindset to their workforce, O’Connor Marketing is keen to outline that sports minded individuals don’t need to be professional level athletes to learn and utilise these skills. The firm has been explaining how even playing sport for fun or part of a social club can still help to teach these vital business skills.

“We believe practising sport while working in a professional environment can help to hone these skills and can transfer to success in both areas,” reveals Managing Director Ronan O’Connor. The business owner is set to take part in the Spartan Race in Sydney soon himself, and credits his business experience and discipline to his success in training for the race, and cites these qualities as incredibly desirable when he is looking for in new recruits.

O’Connor Marketing is determined to increase their high levels of growth and are looking for new candidates to join their growing sales force in Parramatta. They are particularly interested in ambitious individuals who are interested in learning new skills and building a prosperous future in sales and marketing. Specialising in customer acquisitions through event marketing, promotional, and business-to-business campaigns, the firm provide clients with a professional and personalised service that is as unique as they are. By implementing creative, in person campaigns, the company can bridge the ever-increasing gap between brands and consumers, delivering a high return on investment, and resulting in long-term growth for clients.