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O’Connor Marketing – Why all businesses need to build a millennial workforce

O’Connor Marketing work with Millennials on a daily basis, and have identified a number of benefits these ambitious young people bring to today’s workplace.

Millennials are most commonly categorised as people aged between 18-35 in 2016. While being occasionally disputed, most research and demographers point to this particular age group. The term ‘millennials’ was first coined by Neil Howe and the late William Strauss, in the mid-90s when writing ‘Millennials Rising’ in 2000. This chapter was part of a wider book called, “Generations’, which explored the idea that age groups share similar beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and values. In research conducted amongst ‘millennials’, the feedback showed that the majority prefer not to be called ‘millennials’ because of the negative connotations associated with it, such as “lazy”, “entitled” and so on.

O’Connor Marketing is investigating where this stigma has come from, and what evidence suggests it to be true. The fight between old and new has been an ongoing battle since humans first existed. The older generations often feel that younger ones lack the same initiative and willingness they did and that the younger generations have it ‘easier. Baby boomers (aged 51-69) often criticise millennial as obsessed with technology and lack drive. However, in reality, 65% of millennials have said that the consider personal development to be the most important factor in their careers. Plus, technological advances in recent history have led to some of the most creative innovators in the world, many of them being millennials using technology to help LEDC countries and bring people closer together. Of course, there is valid proof that too much time on social media is not particularly healthy, and older generations will be quick to point this out. However, millennials have grown up with of social media, and have reaped the power it can produce in raising awareness to injustices, news and information which can not be found in mainstream media. Never before has news and information been so quickly accessible, and the benefits of this is remarkable.

O’Connor Marketing believes it is factors like these which deem millennials to be key in bringing success to business, especially due to as of 2015, 75% of employees were millennials. O’Connor Marketing considers this inspired generation to be cost effective, genuine, driven, independent and profoundly educated. In fact, Millennials are the most educated generation yet, with most having degrees. All these factors are reasons why O’Connor Marketing are looking to millennials to help the company grow.
As a marketing firm that believes it’s power lies within its people, and that values their talented and enthusiastic professionals as their greatest asset, tarring all millennials with the negative connotations older generations have labelled them with goes against their beliefs. Instead, O’Connor Marketing believes older generations and new generations should work together, providing old and new information to create the best and most successful company they can.