O’Connor Marketing: To Become Elite in any Field Requires the Right Mindset

O’Connor Marketing: To Become Elite in any Field Requires the Right Mindset

O’Connor Marketing, a thriving sales and marketing firm is adamant that to become ‘elite’ in any area requires a certain attitude and set of characteristics. The company recently learned of a study which exposes what it takes to become successful.

O’Connor Marketing is an Australian sales and marketing firm based in Sydney. The company believes that its power lies within its community of talented and enthusiastic professionals, who reach out and connect brands to a wider audience than previously thought possible. The firm offers young professionals a future like no other, with possibilities to quickly take on leadership through their business development opportunities and mentoring. The firm is always on the lookout for enthusiastic, self-motivated individuals who want to succeed in business. However, people need a particular set of traits and attitudes for success in the industry and O’Connor Marketing intends to train the next generation to achieve their entrepreneurial pursuits and become ‘elite’ in their field.

The term ‘elite’ would be defined as an individual or a group who are superior in terms of ability or qualities to the general populace of that given field. So this could be seen in the example of Einstein at the time of his lifetime within his field, or sporting legend, Usain Bolt, in comparison to the average set of sprinters.

A recent study looking at elite athletes has shed some light on the complexity of thriving in a competitive environment.

Dr Daniel Brown of the University of Portsmouth and researchers from the University of Bath identified factors which contributed to characteristics and outcomes of success in sports.

“Enablers such as support, self-belief and an appreciation of trust and commitment to the process of development, help some make it all the way to the top of elite sport.” said Dr Brown.

These characteristics could explain why some thrive at the top, whereas there are those individuals who are gifted at sports but instead never reach their full potential. The research highlights that elite athletes felt a strong desire and motivation to do well. Setting challenging goals were important in allowing these athletes to achieve and do well at the top tier level continuously. This need for self-improvement and understanding that they had areas to surpass in terms of their abilities is an indicator of their capacity to sustain high-level performance. This is a necessity in a world that continually looks to surpass all previous accomplishments.

While the study focused on characteristics that made up sporting brilliant in athletes, O’Connor Marketing points out that there are high correlations between the attributes needed for success in sports and the sales and marketing industry. The sales and marketing industry is a competitive and fast-paced world which needs individuals to be self-driven, hungry to continually learn and reach for higher and higher goals to be successful. The fast-pace of the industry needs people to find weaknesses in their own abilities, self-improve, adopt a neverendingly curious mindset and be the very best at what one does, only then can an individual become truly elite.

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