Nov 12, 2018

O’Connor Marketing outline fundamentals of leadership at Melbourne Cup event.

On November 6, 2018, Sydney customer experience experts O’Connor Marketing held a seminar and forum on the principles of leadership while attending a rainy annual Melbourne Cup at the Victoria Racing Club.


Nov 09, 2018

Former Gaelic footballer hails mentality as ‘key characteristic’ for achieving success in business.

Ronan O’Connor is a successful business consultant and entrepreneur who found his passion for the direct sales and marketing industry after bouncing back from the chaos caused by the 2008 recession – a feat he claims wouldn’t have been possible had he been weak of mind.


Nov 08, 2018

O’Connor Marketing celebrates new promotion on Kent Street.

On Saturday 3rd November, outsourced sales and marketing specialists O’Connor Marketing held a promotion in their office on Kent Street, Sydney.


Oct 17, 2018

O’Connor Marketing plans expansion to Melbourne

Sydney’s specialists in promotional B2B and B2C campaigns O’Connor Marketing have revealed they are adding a new office in Melbourne, Victoria.


Sep 20, 2018

All systems go for O’Connor Marketing ahead of industry awards.

Sydney-based sales and marketing firm O’Connor Marketing have set their sights on an upcoming industry awards event on the 6th of October.


Sep 20, 2018

O’Connor Marketing plan Hamilton Island retreat for top performers.

Sydney’s specialists in promotional B2B and B2C campaigns have revealed details about an upcoming workplace incentive – a trip to the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland.


Dec 05, 2017

O’Connor Marketing Reveal Why it is Proud to be a Millennial Workplace

Sales and marketing firm O’Connor Marketing has long disputed the negative millennial stereotype and recently spoke out on why they are proud to have a predominantly young workforce and how this has been integral to company success.  


Dec 01, 2017

O’Connor Marketing Release Statement on the ‘Entrepreneurial Generation’ 

After learning of new research suggesting young people are more inclined to follow their entrepreneurial dreams, O’Connor Marketing has exclusively spoken on how they are supporting young aspiring entrepreneurs.


Nov 29, 2017

O’Connor Marketing’s Business Model Ensures they are Meeting the Needs of the Current Workforce

After research by SEEK outlined the changing needs of Australians in the workplace, O’Connor Marketing released a statement on how it is responding to the needs of workers and creating a culture of support. 


Nov 14, 2017

O’Connor Marketing Return to FIGS Ball for Third Consecutive Year 

For the third consecutive year, Sales and marketing firm O’Connor Marketing was honoured to attend the Friends in Giving Gold Ball – an exceptional night of fundraising for vulnerable 16 to 24-year olds.


Oct 14, 2017

Australian Businesses Don’t Understand What Consumers Want States O’Connor Marketing

A recent study has found that when it comes to customer communication, businesses are missing the mark and are unaware of these failings. O’Connor Marketing has released a statement supporting the findings and urging business to take positive action.


Oct 12, 2017

O’Connor Marketing:Graduates, Look Beyond What’s on Paper

As a company that values entrepreneurial character traits over experience and qualifications, O’Connor Marketing is urging graduates to look beyond what’s on their resume when showcasing their potential to businesses.  


Sep 25, 2017

O’Connor Marketing Celebrate a Successful 12 Months at Annual Awards Gala

Sydney’s biggest and brightest sales and marketing firm O’Connor Marketing recently attended an annual celebration, which gathered sales and marketing professionals and entrepreneurs from across the globe to celebrate and discuss the industry’s success in Australia over the last 12 months.  


Sep 20, 2017

3 Tips from O’Connor Marketing to Improve Sales

Like it or not, sales skills are the most sought out skill in the world.  O’Connor marketing reveals their top three tips on boosting sales skills.


Sep 07, 2017

O’Connor Marketing Celebrate as New Research Highlights Another Link Between Sport and Business Success

Sydney’s biggest and brightest sales and marketing firm O’Connor Marketing recently learnt of a new study, which strengthened the link between success in sports, and success in business.


Aug 25, 2017

O’Connor Marketing publish the how to guide for improving likability

As a business that deals with customers face to face, likability is one of the most important factors for O’Connor Marketing and their brand ambassadors.


Aug 15, 2017

O’Connor Marketing: To Become Elite in any Field Requires the Right Mindset

O’Connor Marketing, a thriving sales and marketing firm is adamant that to become ‘elite’ in any area requires a certain attitude and set of characteristics. The company recently learned of a study which exposes what it takes to become successful.


Aug 01, 2017

Managing Director of O’Connor Marketing Joins Associates for Well Earned Escape Day

Ronan O’Connor, managing director of O’Connor Marketing recently joined his business associates at Point Piper, New South Wales to celebrate the success of the company.


Jul 19, 2017

O’Connor Marketing outline why entrepreneurship should be taught

O’Connor Marketing believes entrepreneurship should carry the same educational value as mainstream topics. 


Jun 22, 2017

O’Connor Marketing Share their Secrets to Getting More Done

Sales and marketing firm O’Connor Marketing has revealed this week their secrets to increase company productivity, and shared how taking to the skies has helped them to improve business performance dramatically.  


Jun 22, 2017

O’Connor Marketing ‘New Experiences Lead to New Successes.’

In a statement last week, O’Connor Marketing outlined how they are confident that new experiences can drive success in all areas of life, and revealed what they have been doing to feed the curiosity of their workforce.  


Jun 08, 2017

O’Connor Marketing Explains That Business Inspiration Can Be Found Everywhere

Sales and marketing firm O’Connor Marketing believes that inspirational stories are everywhere, and to be truly inspired, professionals should look outside of their industry.  


May 25, 2017

O’Connor Marketing Investigates the Passion Behind Entrepreneurship

After research was released into the extent to which entrepreneurs care about their businesses, O’Connor Marketing has launched their own investigation into the passion that drives entrepreneurial success.


May 12, 2017

O’Connor Marketing Head to DreamWorld

In a very special trip with their trusted business associates, O’Connor Marketing’s managing director Ronan O’Connor recently travelled to Australia’s most famous theme park – Dreamworld, to celebrate the growth of the industry.


May 04, 2017

O’Connor Marketing Discuss How Participating in Sport Can Influence Business Success

Sales and Marketing firm O’Connor Marketing believes that within their industry, people with sporting backgrounds have the potential for huge success. Here the company has openly discussed how even a short stint playing sport can help professionals go further in business. 


Apr 27, 2017

O’Connor Marketing’s CEO Reveals the Mistakes Entrepreneurs Need to Avoid

CEO of O’Connor Marketing, Ronan O’Connor has called upon his years of entrepreneurial experience to reveal an exclusive list of the mistakes entrepreneurs must avoid making.


Apr 12, 2017

O’Connor Marketing: Entrepreneurship Should be Used to Engage With Young People

Following a report by ABC News, which shared how disengaged school students are finding new paths to learning, sales and marketing firm O’Connor Marketing is keen to voice how entrepreneurship could offer opportunities to young people who may be struggling in traditional academia.  


Apr 07, 2017

O’Connor Marketing Consultants Launch Competition to Fly State Side

O’Connor Marketing Consultants recently launched an exciting competition for its contractors, which will see the lucky winners join managing director Ronan O’Connor on a life-changing trip to the USA.


Mar 21, 2017

O’Connor Marketing Release Statement on their Incredible Growth

The last few months has been an incredible time for the sales and marketing firm O’Connor Marketing. The organisation has experienced a spectacular increase in growth. Following the news of their exciting development, the company has announced their plans for future expansion.


Mar 16, 2017

O’Connor Marketing’s CEO Open’s Up About His Travel Experiences

O’Connor Marketing’s CEO, Ronan O’Connor is a huge advocate for business travel. His busy schedule has recently seen him travel to his home country of Ireland and attend business engagements in Sydney and Melbourne within the last three weeks alone. With an additional trip to New York now also in the pipeline, O’Connor is showing […]


Mar 08, 2017

How Networking is Shaping Our Success – O’Connor Marketing

Sales and marketing firm O’Connor Marketing has grown to become one of Australia’s most formidable marketing agencies. Here the company speak frankly about how their commitment to networking has helped them to build long-term success.


Mar 01, 2017

O’Connor Marketing Go Beyond Expectation!

Sydney-based O’Connor Marketing believes that the only way to succeed in life is always to be exceeding expectations. Here the firm outlines how people can go the extra mile and shine in all aspects of their lives. 


Feb 10, 2017

O’Connor Marketing – Why all businesses need to build a millennial workforce

O’Connor Marketing work with Millennials on a daily basis, and have identified a number of benefits these ambitious young people bring to today’s workplace.


Jan 23, 2017

O’Connor Marketing Respond to claims that University Makes People Avoid Risk

After reading an interview on SmartCompany.com.au Sydney-based sales and marketing firm O’Connor Marketing have offered their thoughts on the claim that a University education teaches people to become adverse to risk.


Jan 13, 2017

O’Connor Marketing: The Sky’s the Limit!

Across the globe, people are beginning to consider what it is they want to achieve in 2017, but are they aiming high enough? O’Connor Marketing Has shared why it’s important to develop a sky’s the limit mindset.


Jan 11, 2017

O’Connor Marketing Expands to West Sydney

Due to Significant growth, Leading sales and b2b marketing experts O’Connor Marketing will be taking their services to the Western Suburbs.  Here the firm shares what this will mean for their future and their clients.  


Dec 28, 2016

O’Connor Marketing reveal scaling do’s and don’ts

Sydney-based outsourced sales and marketing firm, O’Connor Marketing, reveal the essential do’s and don’ts when planning for business growth.


Dec 23, 2016

O’Connor Marketing Review the True Power of Face to Face Marketing

As specialists in Face to face marketing, O’Connor marketing has investigated the benefits this niche marketing approach can bring to both large and small enterprises.


Nov 25, 2016

O’Connor Marketing Prepare For Fun Packed R&R in Queenstown

Sales and marketing experts O’Connor Marketing will travel to Queenstown, New Zealand on the 25th of November for four adrenaline-fuelled days of fun with their contractors.


Nov 25, 2016

O’Connor Marketing Offer Definitive Guide to Direct Marketing

With so many marketing options out there, finding the most effective marketing method can be a minefield for some businesses. Here O’Connor Marketing has shared why direct, face to face marketing is a great option, and outlined how their niche marketing solutions can lead to significant returns.