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How Networking is Shaping Our Success – O’Connor Marketing

Sales and marketing firm O’Connor Marketing has grown to become one of Australia’s most formidable marketing agencies. Here the company speak frankly about how their commitment to networking has helped them to build long-term success.

O’Connor Marketing is a leading direct marketing company that helps Australia’s most innovative brands connect with their audiences through personalised face-to-face interactions. The firm believes that marketing success in the modern world depends on the formation of meaningful connections, and creating unique brand experiences for each consumer. By creating, launching and managing in-person marketing campaigns for their clients, O’Connor Marketing can deliver a significant increase in ROI, brand awareness and customer loyalty to their clients’ brands – allowing them the means to focus on growth and development.

O’Connor Marketing’s success in providing effective, customer-centric marketing solutions has led to the firm recently expanding its services to the West Sydney suburbs. This move has required the company to be extra vigilant about the opportunities and experiences they are offering their contractors – ensuring they have access to one on one mentorship and support so that they can successfully head up the project.

To support the continuing development of the firm and secure its place as Australis’s number one marketing firm O’Connor Marketing has committed to staying ahead of the game in regards to the latest industry trends and market behaviours. As such O’Connor Marketing has been attending numerous industry events and business meetings, most recently participating in a weekend business event in Sydney. The weekend which was organised by the country’s most respected sales and marketing consultants invited business owners and up and coming professionals to get together and discuss strategies for success and share their personal advice and experiences.

During the event, O’Connor Marketing met with business owners from all backgrounds and was able to forge better connections within the industry’s community. ‘Networking has always been an incredibly valuable tool for us’ stated Ronan O’Connor of O’Connor Marketing, ‘the sales and marketing industry, while competitive is also hugely supportive and everyone is always really keen to share their experiences and help others succeed. Having the opportunity to network with professionals who share our ambition has provided great motivation over the years, and allowed us to form connections that have been influential in our success.’

O’Connor Marketing believes there to be many reasons why all business professionals should commit to networking and have shared the three they consider to have the biggest impact on success.


When a motivated group of business owners come together, the potential for new opportunities dramatically increases. Networking can introduce professionals to a diverse community of people who share their aspirations and attitudes.

Raising your profile

Being visible and getting noticed is a significant benefit of networking. Being visible not only helps a person to form a reputation as a knowledgeable, reliable and supportive professional, it can also increase future referrals and word of mouth promotion.

Increased confidence

By regularly networking, professionals will grow used to pushing themselves to talk to new people. Over time this will enhance their confidence and help them to develop into major industry influencers.

O’Connor Marketing encourages the young professionals within their organisation to network as much as possible, especially in the development stages of their professional journeys, as they believe this to drive higher levels of success in the future.