Managing Director of O’Connor Marketing Joins Associates for Well Earned Escape Day

Managing Director of O’Connor Marketing Joins Associates for Well Earned Escape Day

Ronan O’Connor, managing director of O’Connor Marketing recently joined his business associates at Point Piper, New South Wales to celebrate the success of the company. The firm has been going from strength to strength over the past year, which was highlighted by Ronan’s exclusive invitation to the Sales and Marketing Gala in September. However, while this invitation has been well received, O’Connor Marketing believes that a brief escape from the professional environment is essential for a workforce to stay focused and motivated.

His recent escapade serves as the perfect example of this. To celebrate the firm’s recent success, Ronan took time out of his non-stop schedule to spend time with associates at Point Piper in Sydney, during which they spent the day on a speedboat, cruising the Australian coast. Ronan and his team took the opportunity to blow off some steam and take in the sights. Having recently spent a considerable amount of time at the Duff Reserve, Lady Martins Beach and Redleaf Pool, Mr O’Connor has taken the time out to consider the importance of having a healthy work life balance and the way this could positively impact professionals.

Research suggests that taking time out of work is key to maintaining a positive mindset. O’Connor Marketing has realised this and incorporated it into their business development programme. The firm’s programme offers their contractors a wide range of opportunities, where they are encouraged to take time out as a reward for their continued hard work.

O’Connor Marketing is hoping that this reward structure will provide the team with the escape they need to stay motivated. Ronan recently stated that he would do anything to make sure his contractor’s stay positive, highlighting how in the sales and marketing industry an individual’s psychological state is so important due to the high-pressure environment that they are exposed to.

Moving forward, Ronan hopes their business development programme will maintain the fresh and dynamic attitude of his contractors.


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O’Connor Marketing provides marketing and promotion strategies formed around the same three foundations – innovative thinking, unbeatable attention to detail and a team of motivated, highly trained individuals. They specialise in customer acquisition through event marketing, promotional events and business-to-business campaigns. They use face-to-face marketing to deliver a guaranteed ROI to all of their clients.