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O’Connor Marketing Offer Definitive Guide to Direct Marketing

With so many marketing options out there, finding the most effective marketing method can be a minefield for some businesses. Here O’Connor Marketing has shared why direct, face to face marketing is a great option, and outlined how their niche marketing solutions can lead to significant returns.

In the current marketing world, businesses have a seemingly endless array of marketing options to choose from, which can make pinpointing the most efficient route incredibly tricky. While all options come with their unique benefits, there are many factors which can impact their effectiveness in generating marketing reach and a consistent ROI. For smaller businesses, in particular, budget can add significant restrictions when it comes to selecting a marketing approach, as investing too heavily in the wrong avenues can lead to financial ruin.

O’Connor Marketing, an outsourced sales and marketing agency believe that for businesses struggling with marketing, direct marketing could be a straightforward and effective option. There are many forms of direct marketing, all of which work by directly impacting consumer’s purchasing decisions by targeting them with specific, tailored marketing messages. This direct contact is not only reserved for reaching out to existing consumers either, as long as a business has a clear idea of the target audience they wish to reach they can put into place a range of direct marketing methods to encourage two-way communication and increase customer acquisition.

O’Connor Marketing is confident that direct marketing can be a highly cost-effective and incredibly powerful method for generating sales and is ideal for small businesses on tighter budgets.

While many forms of direct marketing exist, such as direct mail and email marketing, O’Connor Marketing champion direct, face to face marketing as an efficient and thorough way of connecting with a target audience. This niche area of the direct marketing sector focuses on building a more memorable and customer focused experience and uses in-person communication to form stronger relationships between a brand and its consumers.

Currently, marketing in Australia is predominantly television and email based and while many companies are seeing a fair return from these approaches, O’Connor Marketing believe that face to face marketing could give brands the edge over their competitors. Committing to meeting customers in person instantly tells an audience that they are important to a brand, which increases engagement and ensures the marketing message is better received.

O’Connor Marketing also thinks that when it comes to communicating with both existing and potential customers, face to face reduces the risk of miscommunication. Face to face allows brands and consumers to respond to each other’s reactions –such as tone of voice and body language. Understanding these often overlooked aspects of communication leads to better relationships being formed and allows a brand to gauge exactly how a customer is feeling – helping them to tailor the brand experience and offer each customer solutions that accurately meets their individual needs.

O’Connor Marketing is extremely confident in the benefits of direct, face to face marketing, and believe that for businesses that have previously struggled with sustaining a healthy ROI, face to face marketing could offer real results. Direct, face to face marketing is entirely accountable, and all interactions with consumers can be tracked and measured. Also, businesses can work out the cost per response and the actual return on investment in real time, which minimises the risks often involved in managing a marketing budget.