O'Connor Marketing New Years Eve 2018

Happy New Year! – a moment for reflection

Sitting on a boat enjoying the New Year celebrations was a symbolic moment for O’Connor Marketing. The last 12 months have been O’Connor Marketing’s most successful to date..

…and we generated the most growth and revenue for our clients in 1 calendar year. The firework display provided a moment for reflection on the previous year’s triumphs, whilst also signalling the start of an exciting new year in business for us.

During the start of this New Year we have focused the majority of our talks on the importance of ‘longevity’. Our morning meetings have discussed implementing goals successfully, planning for the long term, achieving lasting results – and NOT being a ‘New Year, New Me’ person that falls flat on their face come February 1st.




There is a reason why January is the most dreaded time of the year for gym-goers. Aussies swear off alcohol, bad diets, and pledge that THIS is going to be the year they actually follow through on those fitness goals, and the gyms are packed with flash-in-the-pan exercisers.

More often than not the initial efforts demonstrated by these people tails off, as there’s no longevity or endurance to their goals. They try to do too much too soon and have unrealistic expectations – or simply give up.

To use a cheesy cliché Rome wasn’t built in a day – and neither is an athletic physique, let alone a successful business.

2018 our focus was on implementing systems, strategies and foundations to help deliver the growth and revenue the clients required, having exceeded those targets, our focus for 2019 is on scaling that business model and expanding and recreating similar results in new markets like Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

With that in mind, we can confirm that Melbourne is our first destination and a start date of March 18th has been confirmed.

Above all else, though, we are pursuing longevity in our industry, and our opportunity and service offerings are committed to providing platforms for long-term and stable success. In short, we’re here for the long haul. 

We want to give our best wishes to all clients, team, and partners for a prosperous and unforgettable 2019. 

 Happy New Year.


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Happy New Year!

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