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Large corporate companies across Australia outsource their sales division to our company. O’Connor Marketing will then build a sales force for these clients. These teams will then go and meet potential customers face-to-face, in either a Business-to-Business or Events division.

O’Connor Marketing is a cutting-edge sales and promotions firm based in Sydney CBD that specialises in increasing market share for major companies across Australia. Having established ourselves in this field, we are fortunate to have immediate and massive growth opportunities starting right here in Sydney, with our B2B Sales team specialising in the energy, telecommunications, non-for-profit, securities, food and beverage markets.

Our consultants on a day-to-day basis are involved in providing face-to-face brand awareness to consumers, customer acquisition, generating leads, meeting decision-makers, sales, promotions and providing customer service while answering any questions on behalf of our clients in a Business-to-Business environment. Our consultants have the opportunity to work closely with industry leaders, enabling them to learn from and gain more knowledge within the industry.

We work with clients in a number of industries ranging from non-profits, telecommunications, food and beverage, energy efficiency and price comparison markets for securities, gas, electricity, telco – giving consumers the best options & prices for all utility bills.

Face-to-face marketing refers to any scenario in which you promote a business to another person or to a group of people in person. You get to look the other people in the eye as you deliver your pitch or connect with them on a personal level.

B2B sales refers to an activity where a business is selling its products or services to another business. It is distinct from B2C or business-to-consumer sales, which mean sales to individuals rather than whole businesses.

Whether at a trade show, proprietary event, a mobile tour, or in a shopping centre, speaking to customers on face-to-face basis creates a personal connection and builds trust between our clients and their target audience. Carrying an engaging conversation, and getting to know these customers and prospects on an individual level can help form stronger, more meaningful, and more profitable business relationships.

Psychologists have discovered that important chemical exchanges take place between people who meet face-to-face – so an email introduction is not as powerful as a warm smile and handshake.

Absolutely. Face-to-face marketing will always matter because it’s a completely different experience from online marketing. You can meet prospective customers who never would’ve found your business online, and you can address pain points and objections in person to increase the chances of making a sale. The more digital channels get saturated and impersonal on newsfeeds and in search results, the more we believe people will turn to offline, in-person interactions.

However, the reality is that both face-to-face AND online marketing are essential components of any company’s communications strategy.

We have some big plans for the coming 12 months and would love you to be a part of them.  We are inviting anyone with ambition, drive, determination and a strong work ethic to join us and be part of the next generation of sales and marketing entrepreneurs in Australia.

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