Australian Businesses Don't Understand What Consumers Want States O'Connor Marketing

Australian Businesses Don’t Understand What Consumers Want States O’Connor Marketing

A recent study has found that when it comes to customer communication, businesses are missing the mark and are unaware of these failings. O’Connor Marketing has released a statement supporting the findings and urging business to take positive action.

A report by Twilio has found that businesses are not communicating with their customers as well as they think they are. The study revealed that the majority of consumers are unsatisfied with the level and quality of communication that they experience with a company, despite most businesses reporting that they feel they communicate well. For a customer to consider a buying experience as positive, the communication from the company must be responsive, relevant and on the customer’s preferred channel.

The reports key findings found that 94% of businesses claim their customers are satisfied with the responsiveness of their communications, yet 96% of consumers who were asked the same, disagree. Consumers expect that contact with a company is relevant, responsive, and on their preferred channels, but many companies, unfortunately, aren’t delivering that experience.  41% of Australian businesses report that they do not know what channels their customers prefer to communicate on, which is a worry, states O’Connor Marketing.

O’Connor Marketing believes the findings from this report points to consumers needing more opportunities to speak to brands directly and in-person. When a consumer has direct, in-person communication with a brand, it results in a clear understanding of individual wants and requirements, allowing customers to get their voices heard really.  When customers feel listened to and understood, they will leave happy and become loyal advocates for that brand.

O’Connor Marketing is experts in face-to-face marketing techniques, using in-person communications to improve the buying experience and help their clients to forge strong relationships with their customers.  The company works with national and international brands to help them gain a more extensive market reach, more significant customer base and generate a higher number of quality sales.  O’Connor Marketing concludes that in-person communications that happen directly between a brand and customer help a business to deliver the results customers want and that if companies want to improve communication channels with their customers, they should consider using this technique,