All systems go for O’Connor Marketing ahead of industry awards.

All systems go for O’Connor Marketing ahead of industry awards.

Sydney-based sales and marketing firm O’Connor Marketing have set their sights on an upcoming industry awards event on the 6th of October.

The firm has been holding regular morning meetings communicating the importance of goal-setting and putting actions into practice in the hope some of their contractors will strive for one final push towards success before the big day.

Various research in the forms of comprehensive studies and surveys over the years have shown that feeling appreciated in the workplace is a crucial driver of engagement and motivation. The hierarchy at O’Connor Marketing feels there is no greater motivation than the possibility of winning silverware.

“The gauntlet has been well and truly thrown down,” states Ronan O’Connor, a consultant who works with the business. “Those who want to make a name for themselves have every opportunity to do so in these final weeks of the build-up to the conference.”

The self-proclaimed specialists in promotional B2B and B2C campaigns are big believers in being proactive and argue that all amazing ideas and goals could mean nothing unless there is a work ethic present to transform these dreams into reality.

The award show is the latest example of how the firm is empowering their contractors to take ownership of their work, and providing a platform for them to grow professionally – all the while giving them a purpose and reason ‘why’.

The firm has previously gone on record citing the importance of leaving consumers ‘better off’ after engaging with them as brand ambassadors, and again, believe it all comes down to a disciplined work ethic;

“I really believe you get out of life what you put in, and we have to be proactive to deliver our service to our clients at the height of our collective ability,” concluded O’Connor.