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At O’Connor Marketing, we believe that our power lies within our people. Our community of talented and enthusiastic professionals are our greatest asset and allow us to reach out and connect your brand to a wider audience than you ever dreamed possible.All of our marketing and promotion strategies are formed from the same three foundations – innovative thinking, unbeatable attention to detail, and motivated sales teams trained to the highest standard. Specialising in customer acquisitions through event marketing, promotional, and business-to-business campaigns, we

provide our clients with a professional and personalised service that is as unique as they are. Our creative, in person campaigns bridge the ever increasing gap between brands and consumers, delivering a high return on investment, and resulting in long-term growth for our clients.When working with a client, we start with the end in mind to ensure we create a clear plan for each campaign. This allows us to stay on course and steer through any potential market changes or emerging trends in order to generate the results your business deserves.

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No matter how good you are at something, there is always more to learn, more to improve, more to explore... so keep your head in the game. - Novak Djokovic