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If you would like to be surrounded by driven young entrepreneurs - you are in the right place. Progression and self-development are central to this business.

'You've Come to the Right Place'

Authentic, integrous and relatable CEO Ronan. Management were extremely approachable and friendly

'Approachable and Friendly'

This company has taught me so much in terms of confidence, my ability to communicate with people, leadership skills,
public speaking skills, customer service skills, sales & managing and driving a team to hit targets; all invaluable skills in my opinion.

'Invaluable Skills'

Ronan, thank you for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to work and learn alongside the team! I will take on board everything I have seen,
heard and learnt, and will use it to fuel my passions as a leader. Your leadership is truly inspiring!

'Inspiring Leadership'


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  • Administration and Recruitment Seminar | London (READ MORE)
    Administration and Recruitment Seminar | London (READ MORE)
    January 2017 Our administration team, Rachel and Kathy, did the long journey from Sydney to London to meet with and learn from the best in the UK. The sales and marketing industry over there is booming, and there are no signs of stopping! We believe that travelling for business is a fantastic way to boost confidence, break out of comfort zones, expand creativity, learn new skills, find amazing mentors and learn to adapt to uncomfortable or unusual situations. “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
  • O'Connor Marketing at DreamWorld (READ MORE)
    O'Connor Marketing at DreamWorld (READ MORE)
    On the 7th of May O'Connor Marketing headed to Dreamworld on a special company outing. The jam packed day combined the park’s famous adrenaline fuelled attractions with a broad range of professionally delivered challenges and activities.
  • Australian Grand Prix | Melbourne (READ MORE)
    Australian Grand Prix | Melbourne (READ MORE)
    March 2017 Our Managers headed to the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne to grab every opportunity to network with the best in the country! Business owners, entrepreneurs, our clients, our customers and our mentors from all over Australia head to this wildly anticipated event every year. We got the chance to chat with some of the best, discuss new emerging trends and get some extra motivation for the year to come! “If your business comes from relationships, relationships should be your business”
  • Taronga Zoo | Wild Ropes (READ MORE)
    Taronga Zoo | Wild Ropes (READ MORE)
    February 2017 The team challenged themselves to the Wild Ropes Course at Taronga Zoo this year! O’Connor Marketing believe that challenging yourself and breaking comfort zones is the best way to develop yourself and keep moving forward.